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Ebay Buying Tips   - 

You can get some pretty good deals on Ebay and then you can get burnt. Here are a few things that I have learned, while they won't stop you from getting burnt always, they will reduce the chance. For Parts Buying Click Here. 

Buying Cars :

Always look to see if ground or pavement is wet or shows dampness. Everything looks better wet. Add that with angles or distance and you can go to any junkyard and make a car look like a jewel.

So what is missing? Bench seat should cover all the seat even if it takes 2 pictures. Bucket seats should show both. Notice if car is positioned at a different angle yet it's the same side. Under the car. One side of the vehicle has a close-up while the other side does not. 

A car can look straight yet wave at you when you pass by. I like a nice straight shot down the side at such an angle that you really can't tell what kinda car because it's so close. Each corner photo should be show, close and steep. Good clear back and front, side and side photos. If anything's missing, dented, etc, there is a reason for it.

If a picture is taken way, way back there may be a reason for it and probably is. There is no reason for taking a picture from a long distance. May flaws are hidden at a distance, especially deep scratches, bubbles, small dents and even some larger ones. Place a bit of water in the equation and a jewel in the rough appears. Remember a diamond and coal are kin but that doesn't mean you can make a diamond outta a lump of coal. 

Naturally if the photo is dark it will not show you details. There isn't an excuse for night time photos...even stupidity. Also the way the sun is, if it's too much sun it will do the same as the dark photos. 

Look at background images to see if they have been manipulated. If they have chances are so has the car. Also look to see the surroundings. I once talked with a man that stated that the car was at his home, but noticed that his home looked to be on the corner of a major highway. After I asked him about this he said the car was actually at a repair shop, later on finding out that it had been there for about 2 weeks.   

There is no excuse for a fuzzy photo. Digital cameras have a delete button and it costs no more to take the picture again. If a regular camera is used and they take all of them fuzzy then the person needs to get family or a friend to take the picture, if they don't have any....that should fact alone speak for itself.   

Read the feedback. Do not just look at the numbers, read the remarks. Contact previous buyers and ask about their satisfaction with the purchase. Take all comments to heart. Look at the demeanor of the seller. Look at previous auctions to see if same people bid and find out if they are buddies that help get the price they want. 

Be aware of certain comments. Notice what is and isn't said and how it is said. Be leery of run together sentences. Here are some things looking through that caught my eye: Click here for examples

Call the seller or email them. They should be willing to talk with you, especially if there is nothing to hide. Listen closely to what is said and not said. Example: I once asked if the car had ever been wrecked. The response was "Not since I've owned it". Later in the conversation it was stated that it needed a new passenger mirror. Also had a few dings in it. Ask why they are selling the vehicle. Place that answer with what has been previously said in other questions. Make yourself a list and have a friend or spouse make a list of stuff to ask, add them both together before calling.   

Make yourself a limit and stop. Also personally I do not bid on anything that keeps the Bidder's List secret. Beware! That will make it too easy for a false bidding buddy to raise the price.